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Original!  PA-22-135.heic

Club project plane- CF-UWA (1954 Tri-Parcer PA22-135)

Currently there is a dedicated group of club volunteers who have undertaken the project to completely rebuild a 1954 Tri Pacer airplane. Once complete the aircraft will be owned and operated by the Innisfail Flying Club. If you are interested in taking part in the project please contact Shane Cockriell at 403-896-4809 or 

The PA-20 Pacer and PA-22 Tri-Pacer, Caribbean, and Colt are an American family of light strut-braced high-wing monoplane aircraft built by Piper Aircraft from 1949 to 1964.

The Pacer is essentially a four-place version of the two-place PA-17 Vagabond, with tricycle landing gear, a steel tube fuselage and an aluminum frame wing covered with fabric, much like Piper's famous Cub and Super Cub. The Tri-Pacer is a development of the Pacer with tricycle landing gear, while the Colt is a two-seat flight training version of the Tri-Pacer. Prized for their ruggedness, spacious cabins, and, for the time, impressive speed, many of these aircraft continue to fly today.

A brief history of CF-UWA

1954- Aircraft built and registered in the United States under N54TP 

1978 - 2007-The aircraft was purchased and sold approximately 5 times and remained in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. 

2007- Purchased by Shane Cockriell and helped by Dave Burden to move out of Yakima, Washington. The Aircraft rebuild and reconditioning was assisted by Dan Tayles (2011 became part owner), John Mulder, Gary Hillman, and Don Hand.

2008- Canadian registered with markings CF-UWA

2019- A forced night landing had to be made 2NM Southeast of CEM4 due to carb icing shortly after takeoff. The aircraft sustained serious damage and as a result was not flyable.

2020- Aircraft donated to the Innisfail flying club as a rebuild project aircraft.

Click here to view the progress!

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